Delivery, production, transportation and installation of glazed spruce windows.

Wood: spruce / glued laminated wood profile78x85mm
Dimension: 120x140mm
Window type: single wing
Profile thickness: 78mm
Number of seals: 3x
Fittings: YES, standard Siegenia fittings
Glass: Ug = 0.7 W/m2K (4/12/4/12/4)
Surface treatment: 4x (1x insecticide, 1x nuance, 2x final coat) – colour map Spekter d.o.o., Žalec,




Joinery windows and balcony doors are made of spruce wood / glued laminated wood profile 78x85mm, fitted with standard Siegenia fittings for vertical and horizontal opening of the window wings, aluminium drain board on the window frame and protection rail on the window wing, 3x rubber seal (2x wing and 1x frame), the price includes three-layer / clean thermopan glass 4/12/4/12/4 Ug = 0.7 W/m2K with warm grey or black spacer from PVC. The windows are 4x coated with an aqueous agent for outdoors from the paint distributor Spekter d.o.o. Žalec, (1x insecticide, 1x nuance, 2x final coating). Another choice of window handles … extra charge. Ral installation extra charge.The windows are screwed into the wall and sealed with polyurethane foam. Masonry, painting works are not included in the price when performing the dismantling and installation of windows. Trailing edges inside or outside the windows are not included in the price … extra charge. Window sills outside and inside for an extra charge. Other construction costs not included in the price … extra charge. Spruce, oak or larch wood is a natural material, so there may be variations in structure, colour and its performance, … all these characteristics are not subject to complaint. The price includes delivery, production, transport and installation in relation to the building up to 15km in one direction… difference in km extra charge.


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