The most expensive type of wood and quality in Slovenia

Sycamore maple is the most expensive wood to sell in Slovenia. The sycamore maple has a surface that is corrugated, and this is exactly what separates this maple from
ordinary maple. The corrugation is extremely beautiful to look at when we sand and polish its surface. A log of this type of wood is worth about 10,000 euros. In Slovenia different types of wood do not fluctuate significantly in price.

Currently, oak wood is very popular with buyers. There are two types of oak wood, Durmast oak (Quercus petraea) and the common oak (Quercus robur). The common oak grows in the lowlands from Prekmurje, Kostanjevica to Slavonia, this is the best oak. The Durmast oak grows in the hills and looks very similar to it. The price of oak is on second place, followed by larch. Spruce for example can never reach 10,000 euros per log. However, the highest price among spruces can be achieved by the resonant spruce. This tree species is used to make the violin. The best spruce trees in Slovenia grow in Pokljuka, Mežaklja and Jelovica. In addition to the resonant spruce also maple wood is used to make a violin. The maple is of secondary importance because we only make decorative parts of the violin from it.