We manufactured a modern design kitchen with large storage areas and corners. The individual elements also have well-considered storage spaces. The interior of the kitchen is made of refined / iveral boards in white colour, the edges are made of abs edge bands. All visible parts (front of drawers, furniture doors) are lined with walnut veneers. The surface of the elements is 3x lacquered with pure colourless lacquer finish. High quality furniture fittings were added. It is a modern designed kitchen that follows the trends when it comes to the choice of materials.  

Our solution

-a wide range of kitchen elements,                                                                   
-the doors and drawers of the kitchen units have a built-in silent closing mechanism
-usable drawers in different widths and heights
-the waste storage element has a mechanism for opening the drawer by touching it, the inside includes PVC containers for separate collection of waste
-large storage ideas