Stairs are an important pathway in the house or in our office space. In the past, they were installed right after entering the front door. Today, however, it is becoming increasingly popular that the stairs are integrated into the central part of the room (near the living room and dining room) and connect the ground floor to the other floors. Thus, the stairs became a very important decorative element of the room. 

The stairs of the client are designed in a semicircle which presented a slight challenge in manufacturing the steps to us. The steps are mounted directly onto the concrete staircase, and wood also covers the front face of the staircase. In addition to its security function, the stair railing also has an aesthetic function. The solid timber of bleached oak was combined with metal columns, which gives the staircase and the whole space
some special grandeur.
The space under the staircase was used for storage cabinets with closed drawers.