Delivery, production, transportation and installation of white door wing with frame, without cutout.

Material: mdf boards of different thicknesses
Dimensions: 65, 75, 85, 95 × 200
Wall thickness: max up to 20cm
Colour: pur white colour, 30-40% gloss (no visible wood/veneer structures)
Design: Simple, smooth
Edges: slightly rounded r 3mm
Fittings: standard (3x fittings blum fi 16mm along door height, key lock, wc, cylinder).
Installation of hidden fittings – extra charge.
Door handle: Door handle up to 15 eur / pc



The doors are basically made of mdf panels of different thicknesses, surface painted with pur white colour of 30-40% gloss where the surface is smooth with no visible
wood/veneer structures. The filler in the wing is basically made of a massive frame reinforced in parts where the fitting and the lock will be installed. The wing core is filled by a so-called 32mm cardboard honeycomb lined with 5mm mdf board. The total thickness of the wings is 42mm. The wing is smooth with no notches or any other motifs on it. The frame is 28mm, the width of the rails is 7cm, jointed at an angle of 45 degree. The doors have a simple and smooth design with slightly rounded edges r 3mm. The price of the door takes into account the standard fittings for normally grooved doors, therefore 3x fitting blum fi 16mm along door height, key lock, wc or cylinder, 1x rubber seal on frame. Cut outs in the wing and supply and installation of glass extra. Doorhandle after your choice for an extra charge. Buildings away up to 15km one way free ofcharge, difference in km extra charge.


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