When newly building or renovating a home, many people choose to install custom doors. In our company only custom made doors are manufactured. Throughout our existence, from all products and services we have manufactured most of all interior doors.

We manufacture doors made of different materials

Interior doors are made of different materials. The basic choice is a door on an mdf board with a smooth surface without any visible structure of wood or veneer. The surface of the door is painted with PurColour in the desired RAL. Another version of the door is made from particle board, where the surfaces are lined with veneers of different tree species with massive edge bands. The surface of the door is usually varnished with PUR colourless varnishes.

An interior door with a veneer surface is the best choice for lovers of natural materials. Veneered doors are a good choice, as we can highlight the properties and colour of the selected wood. Increasingly, we are making wooden interior doors from a higher price range.


The front door is like the dot on the i. It is part of your life and an element that rounds up the whole. These are the reasons why you should pay a lot of attention to this particular part of your house. The oldest doors were wooden, massive, with paintings and carvings. Although wood is not the only option today, most often people choose flat wooden doors. Wood is a natural material because it exudes warmth and gives the house a feeling of homeliness.