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Why opt for wooden windows?

Wood is a natural material and gives a feeling of warmth. It has a great effect on the well-being in the room. It would be very good, if the buyer could decide on the source of
the timber. At our company wooden windows are made of local raw material, the wood of our forests. Spruce is most often used because of its excellent thermal insulation, value for money and accessibility. In addition to spruce also the wood of larch, oak and other trees is used. We mostly use certified wood of the highest quality. Due to the type of processing, the glued profiles for windows and doors are extremely stable in shape and provide excellent thermal and sound insulation.
The advantages of buying wooden windows are as follows:

1. Natural material
2. Local raw material, local production
3. Low energy consumption
4. Environmental Impact
5. Warmth and homeliness
With the right technology, the environmental impact is minimal. Wood is a renewable material, but at the same time, it takes less energy to produce a wooden window than it
does to produce PVC windows. Sometimes the problem with wooden windows was that they began to deteriorate more rapidly at the bottom where water could accumulate, which was not the case with plastic windows. This is no longer the case now. Now glued laminated timber is used and there is no more bending of wood as in the times before. The lower longitudinals are protected by aluminium drain boards, which means that all the water flowing from the window is led past the wooden part to the shelf. Wooden windows are durable because they retain their shape and even remain static for decades, because the wood has a natural ability to adapt to changes in temperature. Wooden windows are fire-resistant, because the wood has the ability to protect itself and it burns much slower than plastic.

When properly maintained, wooden windows have a long service life of at least 50 years. For a long life of wooden windows proper maintenance of the wooden profiles is
required. They must be cleaned and coated every year to refresh the varnish respectively the surface. They can also be protected with oils. While the varnish on the surface of the wood makes a protective layer, the oils penetrate into the wood pores and thus protect the wood. They should also be repainted after seven or eight years after installation, and then every three to four years. Such maintained windows can last for up to a hundred years. This means, in particular, a good sealing of the contacts between the window profile and the wall or the window openings. Otherwise, heat losses will occur and mould may develop due to surface moisture condensation. First of all, it is important that the construction opening is of a suitable size according to the dimensions of the window and the base is solid enough to allow sufficient mechanical attachment. Then the window should be mechanically fixed well with anchors or screws and supported by washers and spacers.
Your windows should be custom-made to your liking and the specifications of your house or apartment.
If you are still not sure about buying wooden windows, give us a call and we will help you to make your decision.

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